Week 7 - data.table & dplyr


  • Introduction to data.table
    • very performant, concise and expressive
  • Introduction to dplyr
    • popular cornerstone of the tidyverse


  • data.table
    • The [i, j, by] idiom
    • fread and fwrite
    • dcast and melt
    • examples / case study in appendix
  • dplyr
    • key “verbs” filter, select, mutate, …
    • pipe (magrittr)
    • examples / case study

Core Material

Additional Resources

  • Getting Started with R - Tinyverse Edition introduction to R and data manipulation with a focus on data.table: site, eight-page pdf
  • Life in the Fast Lane: data.table Intro and Best Practices: Nice one-hour data.table talk by Bill Gold at NY HackR Meetup: YouTube video and code and slides github repo