Week 6 - R Data I/O & Wrangling


  • Overview of R Data Input and Output
  • R Data Wrangling: Transformation using Base R


  • Getting Data In is part of just about any analysis!
    • R excels at this
      • truly broad coverage of file formats
      • as well as ‘backends’ such as databases
      • or different web-based APIs
    • Our focus: read/write of csv data
    • Mention other formats: json, xml, …
    • Efficient R-specific storage: rds
    • Mention protobuf, msgpack, feather, fst, …
  • Data wrangling topics
    • data.frame manipulations
    • modifying by adding columns
    • subsetting and summaries
    • conditional operation by groups
    • merging (and its relationship to SQL joins)
    • functional programming approaches

Core Material

Additional Resources