Week 2 - Git


  • Introduction to Git
  • Exercises for self-study


  • Git is the version control system these days
  • We learn what it is and how to use it
  • Plenty of simply examples for you to try
  • Starting from ‘git as a time machine’ allowing access to earlier versions of files
  • Branches from simple ‘will this work’ to separating alternate work
  • Next are merging, then remote operations, pull requests
  • We also get to GitHub, the most promiment and visible hosting site
  • GitHub enable social coding and collaboration

Core Material

Note that the videos show a workaround for the particular sitation in January 2019 when the Terminal tab was unavailable for few days. This has long been resolved and you can work directly in the terminal. However, the “trick” of working in a Markdown “Notebook” was still have appeal to we still show it. Feel free to use either way!

Extra Reading Suggestions