Frequently Asked Questions


The course is listed as full (for undergrads). Can I still get in, or wait list, or …

This has come up twice already in November. Aaron Thompson had the following to offer:

With the course currently filled, you unfortunately will not be able to register for it until a seat does become available. We also do not do waitlists for our courses. As we approach the beginning of the Spring term, if a seat remains available on the graduate side of the course, we can move a seat over for undergraduates, but we typically will not do that until at least one week before the term begins.

My suggestion is to just keep monitoring the registration system for fellow students to drop as they make changes in their schedules and try to register at that time.


How can I receive additional help outside of talking with the course staff?

If you wish to hire a private tutor to assist you with the course content, please see the Department of Statistics tutoring page. This page provides the ability to submit a request for assistance from registered tutors.